Jonathan Sanchez

Art is always a process of exploration.

About the artist

I studied art in Florida, Colorado, and Italy earning a BA in fine art from the University of Colorado. Through my art history studies I made my way into the museum world and returned to school to earn a second degree in Archaeology. Combining traditional art training and an interest in ancient art through anthropology, I have attempted to create art infused with the new and the very old.

My recent exhibits at Vapor Vortex and ASU were complete opposites. The ASU show featured very new found object shrines little personal works that evoke Cornell. The Vapor Vortex show in contrast featured massive works that cover whole walls and are largely from my time in Switzerland. Many have never been shown due to their size and some have never been shown in the states.

Living overseas

The time in Switzerland about five years was a very creative and productive period many shows in several countries were produced or taken part in and more than a hundred works were created. Beginning in St. Gallen and ending up in Biel and Basel, the geographic and temporal shifts are visible in the resulting works of the corresponding time.

List of Exhibits

2015 The Really Really Big Big Show. Vapor Vortex. Phoenix (AZ) USA
2015 Vault Gallery The Artificial Curiosities Show. ASU. Phoenix (AZ) USA
2014 The Tesseract Project. Musical Instrument Museum. Phoenix (AZ) USA
2010 POPUP Gallery. Scottsdale (AZ) USA
2010 Capelli Floral. Denver (CO) USA
2008 Shilpanjan Gallery. International Group Exhibit. Dhaka Bangladesh
2008 Arte Binningen Switzerland
2008 The Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair. London UK
2008 Kicevo House of Art. Kicevo Macedonia
2008 Art Amalgame. Biel/Bienne Switzerland

Formal Training

2001 Art restoration, art history, and museum studies. Lorenzo de Medici. Florence Italy
2000 Bachelor of Arts and Science in Fine Art. University of Colorado. Colorado Springs USA