The Really Really Big Big Show

Artist and musician Jonathan Sanchez spent several years in Switzerland where he created numerous works. Ending up in Arizona, to help open the Musical Instrument Museum, he brought many of his paintings to Phoenix. After several smaller shows in the area, Vapor Vortex - with it’s large wall space and high ceilings - afforded the first opportunity to display the artist’s largest canvases.

Art is not limited to one medium.

Regula Sanchez

...focuses on design simplicity and the technical implementation of various projects.

Jonathan Sanchez

...brings an extensive fine art background to the project and has a strong conceptual vision.

About Us

You'll find us organizing art exhibits, playing gigs and producing short films with The Upper Strata, or traveling. And if we are not running around doing one of the above, you'll probably find us cooking a ridiculous 5-course meal.