The Upper Strata - Electro Indie

The Upper Strata

Electro Indie duo writing and performing a menagerie of songs.
Looped and synth sounds combined with programmed dance beats and live bass, guitar, accordion, and vocals? Yes, this actually exists!

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Johnny & Reg - Acoustic Duo

Acoustic Music

Johnny & Reg love wine and food and like playing at winebars and restaurant. Their setlist ranges from Delta blues to current hits and a little of everything in between. In short something for everyone.

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Jonathan Sanchez - Penny Arcade


Jonathan Sanchez: Art is always a process of exploration. My current interest is found objects shrines, little personal works, that evoke Cornell.

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The Upper Strata - Cabaret Wartaire

Cabaret Wartaire

Cabaret Wartaire is an album that blends Old World accordion sounds with modern electronic elements and beats. Thematically, the album is a collection of conflicts (man vs. nature, peace vs. war, female vs. male, corporations vs. individuals).

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The Really Really Big Big 

The really really big big show

An eight by twenty foot oil painting? Jonathan Sanchez is displaying his largest works in downtown Phoenix. The Really Really Big Big Show features paintings never seen by the U.S. public.

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Sanchez Art Werk - Photography


Both Regula and Jonathan are into photography.
While Regula considers it her area, we are often not 100% certain who should get photo credits for a particular photo. Jonathan does more of the industrial details, while Regula is often working with the lensbaby.

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Design - Regula Sanchez


Regula Sanchez: Being originally from Switzerland influences my designs. I seek simplicity and function.

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